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December 11

‘I love that company’

During my assignment in Ghana I have spoken to a few pharmacists. When I tell them I work for GSK, they become positively excited even to the point of saying (Quote) ‘I love that company’. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Well, it’s because GSK has a reputation for making and supplying medicines of high quality whose therapeutic effects are fully predictable. In […]

November 14

Things to do on a Saturday

I am in Ghana, it’s really hot, and I am working with the Tropical Lab Initiative during the week. You probably think I sit by the pool all weekend sipping Star* beer,  right? Not quite. Some months ago I was sitting in a restaurant here in Kumasi. It’s called KRB, but we call it KGB. Anyhow, I […]

September 24

What have I achieved so far?

As you know, I work with the Tropical Lab Initiative which delivers diagnostic testing in a rural location in Ghana. We do this in an innovative way: 1. The lab itself is in the community. 2. We use a telemedicine platform called Commcare for sample submission and reporting. 3. The samples and not the clients, […]

August 06

Living in Ghana

Many of the more adventurous people reading this blog will have contemplated a stint working in a developing country with an NGO. Some of you may already have done so. I talked about work in my last blog, but what is it really like living in Ghana? People say ‘hello’ and shake your hand, differently. […]

July 23

‘What Exactly are you doing in Ghana?’

Is a question my Dad always asks. I often ask myself the same question! So here is the answer. In my last blog I talked about the Tropical Lab Initiative, TLI, the (small) organisation I am working with. TLI provides basic biomedical testing to 8 clinics in the ‘remote’ Amansie West district. Remote is a […]

June 30

Welcome to 🇬🇭 Ghana

Finally, my PULSE assignment begins. I will be working with the Tropical Lab Initiative in Tontokrom, Ghana. TLI is an integrated program improving the diagnostic capacity of rural, remote settings in order to reduce morbidity and mortality due to treatable infectious diseases. Since making the application in January, I have been thinking about what it will […]