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August 17

The journey is about the people you meet along the way –

A little over a week has gone by since my fingers have taken to the keyboard of my laptop. I arrived in Abuja Nigeria and after a rather uneventful passing through border control and customs I was out the airport door for the start of a new adventure that doesn’t have me living out of a […]

August 05

Touch Down!

    Welcome to Africa! It’s been a busy 2 weeks since my last post.  I left London on Saturday 29 July for my first audit in Mozambique (MZ) and along the way had interesting experiences and personal life changing events seeing the people and work that the Malaria Consortium does in the field. After […]

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it; J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I arrived in London if only on a stayover on my way to Africa. I’ve started the journey and it’s been an interesting 2 weeks preparing for my first leg of auditing on behalf of the Malaria Consortium in Maputo, and Lichinga (Niassa Province) Mozambique. The Malaria Consortium is located near the Old Street tube station […]

In order to Arrive one must first Depart –

I started this particular blog thinking about departures – the departure from routine, departure from family and friends, departure from what is familiar… Today is the start of my journey – where will it take me? As I set forth for that drive from home to airport, I have more than just a flutter of […]

June 05

‘It’s in your hands to make a difference’ – Nelson Mandela

I begin this first blog with thoughts of the ‘Cradle of Humankind’ outside Johannesburg (Maropeng), South Africa. In the native language of Setswana, the name means ‘returning to the place of origin’ and this is where I first learned about Africa and one the most genetically diverse people on Earth.  Africa has 3000 distinct ethnic groups, and […]