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March 19

What did you do for me Teranga!!

Is there any extension option? This is my last week in Dakar, few days and I will be back home. Two figures are fighting in my head, the one who arrived to Dakar on October 11th and was crying to go back home, with the other one who’s preparing to pack up to going back. […]

March 11


Unleash your emotions while your eyes are enjoying the scene. One click, Watch it, Don’t miss it.!AsOkXCs6xk84gkiqGxs7dEupqQei    

February 27

Amazing experience by all means

Finally one step forward… I have received an invitation from the IT department of the MOH to assist to the train the trainer workshop, as PATH representative. PATH has developed and shared with the MOH an e-learning platform that aim to ensure the continuous education of the health professionals for a proper management of the […]

January 29

Knowing is a thing and seeing is a totally different thing

We always hear about the suffering of millions of people around the globe from everyday disease, the inadequate treatment and how many people don’t have access to essential health services particularly in developing countries. But you will never figure out the real meaning of this suffering unless you could see with your own eyes the […]

January 08


Looking at these posts how volunteers are living the last moments of their missions, while I am still in the middle of my assignment. One of them it was the case of my teammate in the NCD team at PATH-Dakar when she was finalising her PDP, hand over the roles she was accountable for, and […]

November 08

Lucky Me!

Hello, I am Rima Rifi, I work for GSK Lebanon …and here I am, after 28 days in Dakar working with PATH on NCDs portfolio. That moment when you decide to apply to Pulse, full of passion and full of energy, aiming to acquire new skills, knowledge and development, thinking of the help and support […]