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October 12

The Emergency Health Unit

If you only have two and a half minutes please skip my blog and watch this video clip: Children Make the World Go Round This isn’t the most recent Save the Children video, but I think it says it all about why Save the Children is here…and I defy you not to smile whilst watching […]

July 25

An outing to…the 1st floor dining area!

We recently had an away day for the Humanitarian department at Save the Children UK. Kathryn, who’s working a few tube stops away from me, went out and about around London for 3 days for her away day (here). I went up two flights of stairs for an afternoon for mine! But the afternoon was […]

July 19

The CEO and Peppa Pig

(A small, pink, bossy-but-loveable cartoon character who loves jumping in muddy puddles, for those who don’t know. That’s Peppa, not the CEO.) I’ve recently attended several fascinating talks, including talks by Kevin Watkins, the CEO of Save the Children UK, and Peppa Pig (not together, unfortunately! That would have been interesting). Save the Children UK […]

June 26

My first week of caring for children

When I knew I’d be working for Save the Children on my PULSE assignment I had hoped that something I did during my 6 months might contribute in a small way to the care or support of some of the world’s most marginalised children. But with one of those ironic coincidences that life sometimes throws […]

May 24

The marshmallow-balancing gene

You’d be forgiven for thinking that 3 days packed with Lego, marshmallows balanced on spaghetti, silly photo props and a whole lot of dancing (my two small boys think mummy has THE BEST JOB EVER!) couldn’t also be a tear-jerker. But I can honestly say that in all my (ahem!) ‘many’ years of attending training […]