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Good-Bye South Africa

As my time in South Africa is ending, I have reflected on the past 6 months, reliving the excitement, anxiety, fear, fun, sadness and hope I experienced during my assignment. Thanks to GlaxoSmithKline for extending this opportunity to me.  GSK’s confidence in my skills provided me the chance to engage with people of another culture, […]

I Made My Home Town News

From the Journal World – Lawrence, Kansas  USA A Lawrence woman was one of 100,000 people who viewed the body of former South African President Nelson Mandela as it lay in state at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa this week. Donna Reynolds, 61, of Lawrence, has been volunteering with Project Hope, UK in […]

Man Without a Country

Two Lawyers for Human Rights came to the Children’s Embassy and educated Project Hope, UK staff on identifying and assisting stateless persons. t was the first time that I grasped a understanding of the severe issues that are embedded in statelessness.  A quote from U.S. Chief Justice Earl Warren, “Citizenship is man’s basic right because […]

Thanks for the Memories

A special thanks to the Childhood Illness Awareness Thoughtful Volunteers who made their program a success. They have completed a second visit to 100 child care providers (CCPs) and have helped me analyse the data. Over 80% of the CCPs remembered which symptoms were demonstrated by the 8 different sketches. We scored success as those […]

Moving Forward with CIA

To check on the retention of Childhood Illnesses Awareness (CIA) information, the 100 child care providers (CCPs , mostly mothers) were visited by volunteers for the second time.  Although the second visit has not taken place for all 100 providers, the data shows that 80% of the CCPs kept the CIA Poster that was provided […]

October 31

100 Families Educated “Childhood Illnesses Awareness”

The target of reaching 100 families (about 150 children) in squatter camps around Munsieville is complete! Volunteers for The Thoughtful Path did a spectacular job going door to door educating parents (who have children under 5 years of age) on taking children to the clinic if particular symptoms were noticed. The symptoms include: child- Unable […]

October 15

“Mission Drift” – Sunset Choir

Paste a Video URL The Director of Project Hope, UK taught me the meaning of the phrase “Mission Drift”. That’s when you drift away from your specific mission and join/work with/ enjoy another mission. Papa Chris, a Thoughtful Volunteer for the Thoughtful Path program, walks through the squatter camp virtually every evening, and like the […]

October 15

We’re Off!

The official kick off for the  Childhood Illnesses Awareness Program was on October 12.  Fourteen of Project Hope, UK’s best     volunteers delivered education to 43 mothers, fathers, and families in Mshenguville The total number of families to be educated for my project is 100. But a plan for continued education in the Mshenguville […]

October 07

Take Your Child To The Clinic

On October 5, 2013, the Childhood Illnesses Awareness Program began with a pilot try.  The volunteers arrived prepared and excited to begin training families living in shack homes with children under the age of 5 on serious childhood illness symptoms. The training focused on the symptoms that would alert parents to take the child to […]

October 02

Vacation Within a Vacation

I do consider my assignment with Project Hope, UK a vacation away from my routine work with GSK. But I took a vacation from my vacation.  South Africa is too pretty to miss. I traveled to Kruger National Park for a Safari and also to Cape Town.  I saw about every animal imaginable in the […]

September 13

“Take It Like a Soldier” Orphans in Munsieville

I was walking near the Children’s Embassy (Project Hope, UK’s office) and saw the pictured children playing in the street. They were having fun as kids do and could “ham it up” for the camera.  I learned from a lady who was watching them, that most were orphans and that they tend to follow her […]

September 09

Childhood Illnesses Awareness – Take Your Child To The Clinic!

Great strides have been made on the Childhood Illnesses Awareness materials for Munsieville. The first training of community volunteers (who are, by the way, outstanding) took place today (thanks to OB, a volunteer graphic artist who helped design the materials). I provided the training that included information about childhood illnesses and provided time for the […]

August 23

Health Survey Begins in Munsieville Township, South Africa

A thorough health survey has begun in Munsieville Township. Volunteers from the community are collecting data in order to target the most desperate needs. This is a difficult task but the volunteers are very engaged and dedicated.

August 14

Kid’s Club Week Project Hope, UK, sponsored a Kids’ Club week for the children of Munsieville, South Africa. A group of young community members named the House of Young Ambassadors, (HYA) did much of the organizing and work at the week long club. Two members of HYA put together this video capturing the week. Children’s Parents   […]

July 06

Munsieville – Week Two complete

I have completed the first two weeks in Munsieville. The leaders for The Thoughtful Path Program have been very friendly and helpful, as well as the community members that I have met. Children are out of school for a three week break. In response, The Thoughtful Path Program is providing health related activities for children […]