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March 20

Back to Blighty!

I am writing this a little behind schedule as I have been back in the UK for a few weeks now and the shock is just about wearing off.  Although I am still not used to the supermarkets…why do we need so many options?! As I settle down into the madness of the West – […]

January 17

A different kind of Christmas…..

      So when I’ve thought about spending Christmas away from home it usually involves a beach, hot sun and a barbecue….but this year, my first abroad, was a somewhat different kind of Christmas. Being a predominantly Hindu country, Christmas is not widely celebrated, except by the expat and the minority Nepali Christian community. […]

January 09

A trip less ordinary…

As part of my assignment I had the privilege to visit the CARE-GSK project in Bangladesh. Now to be honest, Bangladesh has never been somewhere high on my list of places to travel.  I guess all I really knew about it was that it was the most densely populated country in the world (apart from […]

December 13

A Decade on…

I first came to Nepal 10 years ago. The political situation was unstable and the King was under house arrest.  Few Westerners graced the streets outside Thamel and the new found democracy was playing out in regular strikes and road blockages – travelling could be a nightmare.    When I realised it was exactly 10 years […]

November 17


Wherever you are in the world there are some occasions that you never forget and for me one of those is Remembrance Sunday. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it is the day that we remember all those who have fought in the armed services and have either died or been injured.  […]

November 02

When in Rome (well India)…

It has been festival time in Nepal and during one of the long weekends, I decided to make the trek (in a plane) over to Delhi to visit my Knowledge Centre (KC) colleagues. After spending a couple of months in Nepal, it was amazing to see how my perceptions of normality had been altered. As […]

October 26

Hide and Seek…

Sometimes there are things in life which are hidden from us, we see a piece of the picture and take it as the whole. It is only when these hidden things are revealed to us that we see the full picture and everything falls into place.  And so it is here in the Kathmandu valley…for […]

October 22

Far West: Part 2

In Western female society, we’re used to hearing the crazy, terrifying and sometimes humorous birthing stories of our friends – days of labour, emergency C-sections, husbands pulling out smelly food in the delivery suite – kebab anyone?! But even in the midst of the most difficult births there is the presence of highly qualified staff […]

September 24

Nepal – Flood Update

The Nepali (and South Asian) floods seem to have finally made the international news, although as I write this I realise they have probably been eclipsed by all the other devastating natural disasters that seem to be happening all over the world.   Challenging times indeed and my heart goes out to all who have been […]

September 12

Going West – Far West: Part 1 – Top Gear Challenge

So as promised and slightly overdue, here is the first instalment on my trip to the Far West. For those of you who studied the map from my last post you will know that the country is split into 5 regions: Eastern, Central (where Kathmandu is), Western, Mid-Western and Far Western. A few weeks ago, […]

August 19

Terrains of Nepal:

Before I write about my trip to the far west (my next blog), I thought it would be remiss of me not to mention the devastating floods that the country has seen over the past week. You may not even be aware of this as from what I can see the International coverage has been […]

August 07

The memory game…

So one week in and I’m desperately trying to remember people’s names. This is a long standing issue I have, this ‘lethonomia’ as it’s technically called (okay so I googled it…)  Usually I can remember lots of details about people on first meeting, except their name; literally 2 minutes after they’ve told me it – […]

July 25

To pack or not to pack….that was the question

It’s odd, when thinking about all the things that could cause me stress ahead of changing my entire life for 6 months it has been the question of what to pack that has been keeping me awake at night. Ever since a previous volunteering trip, when I turned up with a host of baggy trousers […]