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October 21

Cooperation: finding the right partner for the right purpose

Save the Children in Peru has started a new collaboration with Unilever which is known for adeptly marketing products to consumers in emerging markets, which make up 40% of its sales base. The first public campaign started in promoting hand wash for the children of less than five years. With the help of Unilever some […]

September 03

Access: key element for community development in rural areas

Once again the magic word – sustainability. Last week I had a chance to visit some of the rural communities in the north of the country. The Region of Chiclayo has some parts that are still lacking all sorts of development. The project that SC is running in this area includes education, health care, nutrition […]

September 03

GSK staff in Peru gave a warm welcome to the team of Save the Children

Two weeks ago Save the Children team was invited to make a presentation in GSK office. The aim of the presentation was to build an awareness of the GSK staff towards the partnership with Save the Children. It was an interesting experience for me to stand in front of my colleagues from GSK Peru office […]

August 13

Business and NGO partnerships: some insights from International seminar “Business impact on children rights” (Lima, Peru)

I am very thankful to have an opportunity not only to share my knowledge but also to learn a lot during my assignment. Last week there was an international seminar organized in Lima which tackled various topics related with business impact on children rights, NGO and business partnerships, CSR and other. The event took 4 […]

August 05

Vienas iveiktas – dar penki pries akis

Stai ir praskriejo mano savanorystes Peru sostineje pirmasis menuo. Sios keleta savaiciu buvo isties idomios visomis prasmemis: aplinkos pakeitimas, pazintis su nauja kultura, paprociais, zmonemis ir galu gale gausybe informacijos ir luzis persiorientuojant is kasdieniu darbu Lietuvoje i kita veiklos sriti. Tad koks gi tas darbas ¨Save the Children¨ Peru atstovybeje? Salies biure dirba virs […]

July 10

Peruvian people: willing to work

Every morning it takes me about 30 minutes walk to the Save The Children office in Lima. I really enjoy this walk because I can see more of what is happening in the streets. While most of the people are heading to their work, some of the Peruvians do not have one. But they are […]

July 01

1st day in Save The Children Peru

Today was my second day in Peru and the first day in the organisation where I will spend the rest six months – Save The Children Peru. The office is located in one of the best districts of Lima (San Isidro) and never the less the safety of the district the office is sharing the […]

June 26

Few days left: Save The Children Peru

Counting last three days before flight to Lima. Look forward to the new and challenging experience of volunteering with Save the Children Peru. The last three days will be spent for improving my Spanish language skills Thank you to all my colleagues and management for their support! By the way, had a wonderfull time spent with […]