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February 09

It’s NOT back to normal…..

We keep say that time flies and, well…….it does! I can hardly believe it has been a month since returning to GSK, after six awesome months as a PULSE volunteer at Target Ovarian Cancer, into a brand new role in UK Pharma. The question I get asked the most is ‘what did you bring back […]

December 18

And here we are…….

After six inspiring, educational, emotional, and totally awesome months, my PULSE assignment at Target Ovarian Cancer has come to an end. I can hardly believe that, this time last year, I had not even considered applying to PULSE. One year on, I have completed one of the best experiences in my career to date. I […]

October 06

Half way through…….am I making an impact?

I cannot believe I am already half way through my six month assignment at Target Ovarian Cancer. Yes, I am settled, my objectives have been agreed and clear for a while, and I am now fully aware of what the charity is about and trying to achieve. So on my way to work this morning, […]

September 08

Do we really know what they do????

Dear readers, apologies for the ‘blog silence’. I am learning and finding out so much during my PULSE assignment, I should be writing a blog a day …however, time is running fast and as I find myself through a third of this amazing experience already, I have plenty to work on and to deliver over […]

July 30

When a poem says it all……..

I am not going to make this blog entry about myself………..At last, you may think!  Well, I could reiterate what a great experience I am having and how much I am enjoying my assignment at Target Ovarian Cancer, but today I want to talk about the impact cancer has on the patient’s friends and family […]

July 14

It’s all worthwhile…….

As if I thought I started my assignment off in a very exciting way at a parliamentary reception at the House of Commons, I finished my first week in a just as exciting way, by attending the British Gynaecological Cancer Society (BGCS) conference in Newcastle! What an opportunity to get to meet in person some of […]

June 24

Campaigning in Parliament: a very good place to start

What an amazing way to ‘unofficially’ start my PULSE assignment with Target Ovarian Cancer and, even better, my very first blog! I know, I’m a communicator so should be used to blogging, posting, tweeting……reality is, I’m not! I am a people person, I love the direct interaction, seeing people’s expressions, reactions and hear their tone […]