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February 12

I’d Definitely Do It Again

I have been struggling to write this blog from the time I finished my assignment. Not only because it was a very busy month which felt like being thrown into a highway full of cars, but because it was very challenging to describe the change that happened to me at a very deep level, touching […]

January 12

Play for Africa

In a previous blog, I explained that Amref Health Africa is an example of the NGOs which implement projects and gets its fund from various institutional, corporate and individual donors. There are two types of these funds: first the ‘Unrestricted’ funds where the NGO can use the money in any of the projects or to […]

November 15

Between Here and There

In my last blog I shortly summarized my assignment scope and the progress achieved in diagnosing the root causes for the challenges the business development department is currently facing. I also mentioned that I am heading to Uganda to attend Amref’s Global fund raising and communication forum, where Donald ‘my assignment manager’ and I were […]

October 06

A spotlight on my assigment

Given my background in vaccines, some of my friends and colleagues think that I’m travelling from one village to another in the rural areas of Kenya to do vaccination campaigns. Although that would be a great thing to do but it is not the case. Actually I am working at the HQ of Amref and […]

August 24

Be Proud & Change The World

Sometimes we get too busy in our day to day tasks that we forget as individuals or organisations, what is crucial for us, and that is to couple what we do with the bigger goal and the core mission of our existence. This was my message to my colleagues at Amref Health Africa during their […]

August 04


It has been two weeks here in Nairobi. I have tried to define exactly how I feel but it was a bit challenging, maybe because during these couple of weeks I have felt everything a man could feel. Starting from the goodbye tears of my family and friends. Then the excitement that was increasing hour […]

July 13

The last day before my assignment