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Two weeks to go – A reflection

As I sit here on a (sunny) Sunday morning contemplating the fact that I am only a fortnight away from finishing my Pulse assignment, I find myself extremely grateful for all the things that DIDN’T happen in my 6 months in Rwanda: I didn’t get ill once – not even a sneeze! Its included above, […]

Its nearly two months.. and its as interesting as ever!!

I am back with more news and reflections to share! If you don’t have the time to read everything, I will give you 15-second summary:  I am very well, thoroughly enjoying work and my life in Kigali. I am having a golden opportunity to get involved in most aspects of the work of my organization […]

October 09

Driving through beautiful Rwanda

October 09

Forget the “Bonjour, ca va? – Ca va bien” Here its “Muaramutze, amakuro? – Nimeeetza”

Welcome to Kigali! It’s such a pleasure to be sharing my feelings and thoughts after these 3,5 weeks meeting the kind-hearted Rwandans and their beautiful country. My title greeting is to give you the feeling that I had upon my arrival. The local language – Kynyarwanda is much more prevalent than French and hopefully I […]