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October 17

Positive change, gratitude, satisfaction

Today was my last day of Pulse assignment. I cannot believe 15 weeks passed by so fast. I went to Philadelphia Education Fund (Ed fund) to make some positive change. My task was to make an assessment of the Ed fund’s IT landscape and propose a 3 year technology road map.  But I realized soon […]

September 19

Need for access to quality education is same all across the world

I have not written for a while now. International volunteers have the opportunity to explore the new location, people and culture. We local volunteers get on with our regular chores during the weekend. But I kept thinking about Development in general and what it means to various people in various situations. Last weekend I had […]

August 08

Working in the City

Walking from the train station to my office every day, I see a lot of families with cameras & city maps & museum brochures. It reminds me of our trips to various cities during summer. Now I have adjusted to the train commute, I have actually started enjoying it.  I get to see so many […]

July 25

Getting my feet wet

It has been three weeks and I am kind of getting my feet wet here. I now have a name plate! So it is real… I am very much part of the Philadelphia Education fund now J Mine is a home assignment, my GSK home location is the Philadelphia area and I am volunteering at […]

July 13

First week on my assignment!

Its been a week since started my Pulse assignment @ the Philadelphia Education Fund. So the Pulse Volunteer assignment I had been anxiously waiting for, started on July 7th. All these days, I knew I was going but was busy with my work, home and all the routine that it felt like a distant reality. […]