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Deadliest animal on Earth

Do you know the deadliest animal on earth? The biggest killer of human being!!! No, it’s not a shark, it’s not a lion, not even a snake. It’s a tiny arthropod – Mosquito which accounts for approx 725,000 deaths per year across the globe by transmitting diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya. I got an […]

August 05

Malaria Consortium Bangkok- Journey of 1st Month

Dear Friends, It’s been more than a month for me in Bangkok now with Malaria Consortium. I wrote my last blog almost a month back. A lot has happened over 30 days. Let me talk about my professional work first. I am working with Malaria Consortium (MC) which is one of the world’s leading non-profit […]

July 06

Sawadee Khub – No Durian allowed in Hotel premises

Sawadee Khub (Greeting in Thai Language) My Pulse assignment started on 1st of July and I am glad to share that I have settled down well in Bangkok. My office at Malaria Consortium is one of the most diverse places which one can think of. Bangkok office have 10 employees – Three of them are […]

May 29

Symbol of Culture – India

Yesterday I completed two days of Pulse Orientation program and one day of ADP training sessions in India. That was an awesome experience, great learning and understanding. I didn’t felt heavy-eyed even for a second (That proves – Orientation was exhilarating), credit to Andrew and Manu. Last week while checking out on pre work to […]

May 27

What motivated me to join Pulse

Blogging – Another first in my life – Courtesy Pulse 🙂 My Journey of Pulse It all started in December 2013 when I got this opportunity to volunteer for Orange day and spent a day at HelpAge (St. Anthony’s Home for the Aged) in Mumbai India. I met 90 beautiful aunties, aged above 75. We […]