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August 22

Can developing governance documents really be fun?

Well, here is a head scratcher for everyone brave enough to still be reading… How in the world can you possibly incorporate fun into a governance system? Let me share my ramblings this morning. During my time here at Urban Ministries, I have been so moved by the people we serve in the clinic and […]

August 08

GEMBA really works

I’ll admit that sitting in a meeting room in RTP hearing about the GEMBA (fancy way of saying “go see what’s going on!”) principle and how to use ADP in my PULSE assignment, I was a bit skeptical. Well, sign me up as the poster person now. This stuff really works! I didn’t tell any […]

August 05

1for3X9=9800 pounds

Don’t panic, I am not attempting some new wacky math. Just reporting on the awesome results of the Christmas in July food drive at Urban Ministries last week! At the nine participating sites in Wake county, over 9,800 pounds of nonperishable food was contributed for the hungry families needing food. Two steamy Carolina days, with […]

FIGS and Dates

Continuing my journey in crisis services, today I want to share about an unbelievable program known as FIGS. (Not the kind that go into the cookies!) FIGS (Filling In the GapS) is an independent volunteer group that raises funds, 100% of which go toward providing emergency prescription assistance for residents of Wake County, NC. Urban […]

July 18

I’m # 12…

As I was getting ready to leave for the evening, one of the ladies at the Helen Wright Center had shared with me that her day planner had “disappeared” and it was hard to keep up with appointments and chores. I asked her name and told her that I would see if I could find […]

July 10

Christmas in July!!!!!

No, the calendar hasn’t gone crazy, the hot Carolina sun hasn’t steamed my brain – Urban Ministries is celebrating Christmas In July with the help of Chick-Fill-A and Systel to collect foods to replenish our empty shelves.  During the summer months children who normally access nutrition programs at school are at home all day and instead […]

July 10

Fill em up!

Week three finds me in Crisis Services, trying to make my way through all that is going on here. Too much to talk about in one blog so I will break it into several. I’ll start with the Food Pantry and share last Thursday,a typical day. On Thursday right at 8:30, the line started forming […]

July 10

Who knew? Already week two…

If I thought week one went fast, this one literally flew. I finished my rotation shadowing/scanning or as we learned in the ADP training, GEMBA, in the Open Door Clinic. Well oiled machine that counts on the synchronization of a marching band. Three shifts a day, volunteer doctors, nurses, phlebotomists,EMT and pharmacists log in downstairs […]