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October 17

Post #3 – Pray to rain can’t not be the only action – Please help!

On Oct 6th, I went to visit one institution that is part of the NGO I’m working for and they are about to lose all the vegetables they have cultivated because they are having problem with the water system. They are collecting water from one neighbor for the primary necessities only. This institution supports 38 […]

September 30

Post #2 – First stop in Nairobi: Police office.

For the ones who believe in bad luck day, yesterday I could have considered mine: I departure from Brazil with my luggage checked and when I was boarding at Dubai airport to Nairobi, the air company attendant requested to check the weight of my carry-on bag and charged me US$ 125 for extra 3kg that attendant […]

May 15

Post #1 – Yes, I made the right decision!

  Since the Pulse program has started I have been dreaming to apply for it but due too many professional reasons the right time never came. In the end of 2015 I did another rotation in my career and I thought I would take many more years to be able to apply. But I saw […]