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Nearly the end of the road

It’s been a while since I posted on my Pulse Blog. Sadly this may be the last post. I have exactly 2 weeks left at my Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) assignment. 2 weeks ago I attended a Kick off meeting for a European Project that the DSA are involved with, in Oslo Norway. The 3 […]

Tell it Right, Start it Right

Almost half way through my assignment now. Had a lovely 7 day break with my two daughters in Crete so it was good to come back with energy to continue with the communication plan. Before I did go on holiday I had a one months progress review with my Pulse supervisor at the Down Syndrome […]

August 07

The Third Sector and Strategic Planning

So what is this picture? Well I feel bad that I can’t share with you amazing pictures from a developing country. This is the fan that sits on my desk at the National Offices of the Down’s Syndrome Association in Teddington UK. It has kept me cool and functional for the past 3 weeks. I […]

July 23

Another Post

It will be a month exactly tomorrow since I started with the Down’s Syndrome Association. Today I wrote an article for their Blog! This actually wasn’t a part of my assignment. However when I got here I did say to the team to consider me as an extra pair of hands for 6 months and […]

July 16

I may as well be in Africa

It was 32 degrees celcius as I walked home from work yesterday, and was I in the heart of Africa. NO!!! I was in Teddington, National offices of Down’s Syndrome Association and I JUST had to have an iced Frappacinno after my long walk!!! The office was sooo hot yesterday, fans were not effective. I […]

July 10

Did you know….

So how much do you know about Down’s syndrome (DS)? I know a lot more now than I did 3 weeks ago which is when I started my Pulse assignment at the Down’s syndrome Association. Everyone with DS will have some degree of learning disability. Certain physical characteristics are common in people with DS as […]

July 01

Week 2: The learning curve’s amazing how much you can learn in a week. It’s my second week here at the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA). I have learnt an incredible amount about Charity organisations and how they work in general but specifically about all the great support the DSA provides to children/adults with Down Syndrome as well as the […]

June 23

Like my first day at school…

Hi all I start my assignment tommorrow at the UK Down Syndrome Association. Suprisingly, I feel more anxious that I thought I would. I don’t really know what to expect and if I will fit in with the team. I hope they don’t view me as “the new bod from that corporate company”. It’s key […]

June 11

Time for Change….

Hi all . Welcome to my Pulse Bolg!!! My desire to become a Pulse Volunteer started a couple of years back when I spoke to people who had been through the journey and described what an incredible experience it had been. When I worked for “Crisis” last year, the UK charity organisation for the homeless, […]