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February 11

Conquering the impossible

Travelling to developing country is not that easy when there are multiple things to adapt to including safety, diseases, hygienic conditions and all the new cultures. For example when you say I will go hiking to the widest mountain in the world and the 2nd highest in Africa (mount Kenya)… it possible however that you do not […]

January 20

Keeping The Balance : 3 2 l

When events are moving at a fast pace and feel like too many things are happening at once, it can be a challenge to find your footing and your balance                      So Keeping the Balance (  3 )weeks only lasting   2  leave A lot of learning lessons I have earned during last five months but […]

September 02

Kibera is Crying out for People To Help……Two children’s looks can explain many things

Two children’s looks can explain many things One is looking for the future (your help)… and the other hopeless living in his history Now i have been for three weeks at Nairobi you can see all things here just adjust your position do not look for the big picture get deep  and zoom your focus  […]

August 13

Give Them a Smile it might be the only Sunshine they see all day at Kariobangi

Brief History Kariobangi Cheshire home one of the projects covered by Leonard Cheshire disability I will clarify where is it located? What is the purpose for that home? What is their mission, vision objectives and activities for them? Kariobangi Cheshire home located at Kariobangi area which is a low-income residential estate in northeastern Nairobi, It consists […]

August 07

She Asked me why? and when she knews she said Dady Bye Bye!!!

Yesterday 7 August just I arrived at Nairobi where my assigmnt is. I will work for LCD (Leonard Cheshire Disabilities),  you can find the details of the assignment at the end of the blog but what actually i want to share with you is my feeling now and what happened before departure  ?although my family […]

Nadeem- Mahmoud the story is continuous May 05

Could the letter N come before the letter M in the alphabet? No, but yes at PULSE!

Had you seen before the letter (N) comes before letter (M) while you sorting it out? The answer definitely  NO but at PULSE you can see it ,Mahmoud  comes after Nadeem (my Buddy) , I am Mahmoud Ahmed and my PULSE assignment will be at Nairobi -Kenya at LCD (Leonard Cheshire Disabilities). I will work […]