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In the final analysis…

I spent six months with Save the Children in Ethiopia, initially with Save the Children UK and then (after its merger) Save the Children International. I have attempted to be a source of enthusiam, expertise, ideas, and energy.  The placement focused on the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) team, who are technically capable but required […]

Back in the Saddle

Just before I left for my vacation, I was charged with preparing  a Term of Reference (ToR) for the communications group in the new organization. As you know, I’ve conducted workshops on building communications skills and case study writing. I’ve also worked with that group on advocacy matters and helped integrate the theory of change in the […]

Save the Children in Ethiopia

On October 1, 2012, the seven members of Save the Children in Ethiopia (Canada, Denmark, Finland Norway, Sweden, UK and USA) came together to form a single organization.  On Monday, October 29th, a launch reception was held at the Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa and several donor and NGO partners, staff, and local media were […]

October 30

PULSE Rising!

I spent last Friday at the GSK Kenya Office with six fellow PULSE Volunteers.  We started the day with a meeting. We met with the general manager, some staff, and later toured the facility. We learned about the team’s role in working out accountability issues, a familiar GMS process that focuses all levels of management. […]

Working with Advocacy Matters

I received an invite to participate in the Save the Children Africa Advocacy (and Communication) Resource Team training held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, October 2 – 10. Fourteen individuals were selected by peers and supervisors to help build the advocacy and communication capacity of Save the Children colleagues across Africa. The meeting in Tanzania on October 2 was […]

September 25

More of the same, but different

In response to a September 5th invitation to present the results of the last workshop to an internal communications team meeting at Save the Children US offices, I made further plans to organize a similar training for the field staff of Save the Children US. This workshop however provided capacity building for the Pastoralist Livelihood Initiative […]

They want more!

Once I returned from Dessie, by way of Lalibella, an assessment report was prepared and the survey results of the Communication/Case Study Writing workshop was made available. The survey provided to the attendees solicited feedback on the workshop. Eleven of the 15 attendees responded. There were an overwhelming number of attendees (11/11) who found the […]

Four days and counting…

Hello Friends, Friday was my last day in the office.  I can’t believe it. I want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to my editorial friends, as well as to all of you, for your ongoing support and encouragement during the interview process.  Of course, the Bon Voyage events, and I do mean events, were phenomenal.  […]

The road to making a change

I have just returned from a whirlwind week in Dessie located in the Amhara Region. There’s a livelihood project in Dessie which, in this instance, highlights the new health clinic that has helped improve the lives of the children born in and around this community. The clinic is located within the community so mothers are able to access […]

On today’s menu…flexible thinking

It’s always amazing to me when I go to a produce stand.  The produce is fresh and much of it is never sold, particularly the bananas. Unless you love brown bananas, this story is not for you. I stop by one of several produce stands once a week, make a selection of 6-7 bananas and […]

August 18

Delivery Day

Remember when I went on my first field trip? That was to Gode, one of the areas in the Somali region where the people are Somali, speak the Somali language, and are predominantly Moslem. Well, as it turned out, since the drought has further affected the access to water in that area, the project has been extended. Now additional jerry […]

When you meet a victim

I’ve been telling you about this feminine hygiene project for a while now. A colleague who was actively involved with this project has now left the organization.  By default, I was recruited to work with a group of women from various NGOs in a workshop setting. This is a task force of a larger body charged with, once […]

August 09

Try it, maybe it’ll stick…

In an effort to promote hygiene and sanitation messaging, we have developed some information educational communication (IEC) materials that have been distributed in many of the communities where WASH projects are active. These IEC materials are in the form of posters, postcards, and lately, games. One game that has been distributed to 11 schools in one […]

A Concept Note Discussion

We’ve been contemplating the idea of initiating a feminine hygiene project.  When you get right down to it, it is not just a WASH project. There are many components. We talked about health, hygiene, education, sanitation and even the marketplace involvement. One area that most were reluctant to introduce into the discussion was the child protection element. I […]

A small fish in a big pond

This is what you do when the ceiling is too high and your mosquito net is too short. Over your face with the net and your body with your sheet. Goodnight! So I’ve just finished up all the assessment materials from my trip the week before. I sat down to write a case study about […]