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February 12

Back to Reality or maybe not

My first impression when I arrived was to think that I came back to a quieter routine which I have to say was not an unpleasant feeling. As I said in my previous posts, I have felt stressed during my assignment especially at the beginning but I eventually adjusted to my new environment. It is fair […]

February 02

My last days in Niger and Senegal

It’s been a while since I last wrote as my November visit in Niger was cancelled due to an audit and I had to stay in Dakar. I arrived in Niger for the second time a couple of weeks ago after a well deserved break in France with my family. I decided to travel to Niger […]

November 02

Everyone deserves a holiday :-)

After the last couple of stressful weeks and before my next trip to Niger I decided to indulge myself with a short break,  just a few days to discover what is hidden behind this country called Senegal. I started to visit Goree island , the Pink lake , Lompoul desert, Saint Louis which used to be the capital […]

October 09

Almost 3 weeks spent in Niger and so much going on

Many things happened since I last wrote. Believe me or not last Thursday I was in Paris for 24 hours.. Everything started on the 14th of September , I left my place at 5:30 am for an early flight to Niamey. I was in transit in Ouagadougou (Burkina) but things did not happen as expected. […]

August 30

Almost a month with Save..

Time flies …..Almost a month that I started my Pulse assignment with Save the Children to work on a supply chain system tool for malnutrition products for children in Niger. I started in London Farringdon, which was I have to say an interesting experience and to be honest I was not expecting such a stressful […]