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December 19

It’s Christmas!!!

Today, Friday 18 December 2015 is my last day with my NGO, Jhpiego, Nigeria.  My 6 month PULSE assignment is at its end – wow, where did those 6months go??  I am ending on a high though.  I am very pleased with my ‘students’, the programme teams with the four national professional associations I worked […]

November 27

The Harmattan is here!

Gosh this last month has been a busy one! We received an extremely warm welcome from the GSK office in Lagos as well as manufacturing site in Agbara.   We returned back to Abuja in time to celebrate Halloween, Nigerian style.  Then finishing off a final round of training on project management and effective communication to […]

October 14

Home pleasures

It’s just over 2 weeks since returning from my holiday at home.  I did get my BLT sandwich as requested when I arrived at Heathrow – needless to say it was heavenly.  Thank you Mark!! The 2 weeks at home flew by in a flurry of catching up with family and friends over lots of […]

September 11

Doing the ‘Hokey-kokey’ in Nigeria

I have now been working in Nigeria with the NGO, Jhpiego for two months and have recently returned from a two week training stint in two states south of the capital city of Abuja.  We worked with 29 attendees in a town called Abakaliki in the state of Ebonyi and with another 33 attendees in […]

August 05

A month later in Abuja…..

I have now been in Abuja, Nigeria for a whole month.  My assignment with my NGO, Jhpiego is going well.  I am currently working on training material; the basics of project management with a view to train the new recruits out in the 2 states we are supporting, Kogi and Ebonyi; towards the end of […]

July 12

When in Abuja….

So I’ve made it to a full two weeks on my PULSE assignment in Abuja, Nigeria.   What a journey it has been already, the things I’ve seen and the people I have met.  I arrived in the early hours of Sunday 28 June – I did have a little hiccough with an Immigration Officer as […]

June 27

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

I’m sure that’s from a song!  This last week has been an absolute whirlwind. It all started exactly a week ago when I submitted my visa application followed by a million things to get done before I leave on my 6-month adventure to Nigeria. How does one pack for 6 months????  So I managed to […]