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Dear Friends, Today is World Polio Day…

As a child growing up in Ireland in the 1980s, I had never seen polio or known a polio-survivor, or if I had, I hadn’t recognised it at the time because the disease was so rare in our part of the world. Now – through my six month placement in Ethiopia – my understanding of […]

October 14

Dear Tim and Dod, Sorry it’s been so long, eek!

Sorry it’s been so long – I’ve fallen into the ‘sure, why not!’ trap! That’s the place where mentally I know I should be declining invites and opportunities because I have an ever growing list of personal stuff to catch up on, but in the moment when I weigh up the two, I’m like ‘yeah, […]

September 06

Dear Paul, Opening days in Addis….

Hi Paul, Great to hear from you and thank you for Abbas’ details. I will definitely contact him later in the week. I landed in Addis yesterday morning however I’ll refer to today as Day 1 as Day Zero was pretty turbulent. I’ll admit that yesterday might have been a difficult day even if I had […]