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Communications with an Objective

Earlier this week, I was watching a video of Deirdre Connelly, our president of North America pharmaceuticals at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), discussing GSK’s commitment to healthy communities. Later that same morning, I was skimming, “The Philadelphia Inquirer” and there I found an editorial written by Deirdre and Mayor Michael Nutter on a joint initiative, “A Conversation on […]

School Supplies

This week millions of children will be going back to school across the country.  As a Philadelphia resident and parent of three school age children and one preschooler, I find this time of a year a bit overwhelming and I already begin to yearn for the less structured days of summer.   However, this year I […]

Week Four: Is Mission Meaningful or Rhetorical?

My first month in my PULSE assignment has been a period of learning more about the Education Fund and my project.  It also has been a time for me to reflect on core educational issues that face the Philadelphia community.  One such example was the report issued by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) last week, on […]

Public Education in Philadelphia and GSK

If you read the local Philadelphia newspaper, there is a leading story about twice a week on the state of the Philadelphia public school system from its low graduation rates and large budget deficits to the school reform commission.  Of course, most people agree on the importance of good public education for all children, no […]

First Week at the Philadelphia Education Fund (Ed Fund)

Prior to coming to GSK, I worked for nonprofits in New York City and Philadelphia. It has been over a decade since I left working full time in the non-profit sector and a lot has changed.   When I was in the non-profit sector, the economy was strong, funding of non-profits was robust and the […]