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February 20

GSK and IAVI partner for Human vaccine development

      Hello All I just wanted to share with you some IAVI-GSK news which I found very exciting for my perspective of GSK pulse volunteer assigned to the IAVI. We are all aware that the GSK vaccine world has been the place for many changes recently (GSK-Novartis deal, the executive team changes) in […]

November 21

2 months into my assignment: ADP is my “cup of tea”

Things have started moving in terms of my project but first I want to tell you more about some of the People I am working or interacting with. I have rediscovered some of the advantages of sitting in a small office with 4 other people. Yes, space is limited but I see the time flying! You […]

October 15

It is all about change!

One month into my assignment and now it is time to share my experience so far being with the IAVI (International AIDS Vaccine Initiative). “All about change” summarizes it all! On the 15th of September when i started my assignment i was in a state of my mind ready to take on any change: An […]