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November 12

The power of a picture

It’s been a while since I posted to the Pulse Blog, but then I’ve been busy (I know, everyone is busy!) and had a lovely holiday to South Africa as well, so that’s my excuse. In the last few weeks I’ve been exploring a new channel for World Child Cancer, with the help of an […]

September 16

The challenge of being clear…

I’m finding a new and very fulfilling challenge on my assignment, which I didn’t really expect. It’s being the champion of Plain English. If you know me, you’ll know that I love to write and I’ve been given the feedback that I choose each word really carefully, which on reflection I think I do. I […]

August 24

A different shade of orange…

I’m a month into my placement and have been pondering the topic of my second Blog post for a little while. This update is inspired by the bright orange wall I sit next to in the office, strangely like another orange (the GSK orange!) that we’re all very familiar with. Sitting next to this wall […]

July 31

Culture Shock – what do people in the charity sector eat for lunch?

So, I’ve just started my six month Pulse assignment with World Child Cancer, based in Vauxhall south London. That’s actually only 30 minutes on the train from where I live, so you wouldn’t expect my culture shock to be as big as it is for the Pulse volunteers who are a long way from home […]