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December 20

Health care, a few sights, and a little Grand Prix.

So as my 6-month assignment at Urban Ministries of Wake County winds down, I thought I’d share a few sights and sounds from the Raleigh area. But first (since I said I would), a little bit about healthcare. As I mentioned in prior posts, there are three main arms to the mission of Urban Ministries […]

December 05

36 Stories

About two weeks ago, Urban Ministries of Wake County had their fall event, called Stone Soup (after the old folk tale in which some hungry strangers, and the whole town, are fed after the townspeople each make a small contribution of ingredients). It is their big fundraising event for the fall (there are two events […]

November 27

Not a single monkey

Five months into my PULSE assignment, and let me be perfectly clear about one thing – I haven’t seen a single monkey. Or elephant, for that matter. (As great as Raleigh is, they could really use more monkeys.) So I’ve been quite delinquent in keeping up to date on my blog, I don’t even want […]

August 06

A big fat checkmark

Over the weekend I was able to put a big fat checkmark next to something on my to-do list: redesign a website. Admittedly I do have some prior web design experience, back around the turn of the century. Yes, I realize that makes me sound like a crotchety old man (and some might say I […]

Tip jar July 31

Using Paypal (and WordPress) for Nonprofit Donations

So I apologize in advance – this post is really only for geeked out amateur web designers trying to build websites in WordPress for nonprofits on a budget. Yeah, small audience. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am working on some major tweaks for Urban Ministries of Wake County’s website, and made some breakthroughs late last week on ways […]

July 11

I’m Famous. (At least to my kids.)

So the Raleigh News & Observer has learned what all my friends already know… that the only thing that outshines my sparkling wit and profound intelligence is my devastating good looks. (Yes, I jest.) You see, they did an article about the GSK PULSE program this past Sunday as the featured article in the Business […]

June 17

Challenge your limits

“Don’t limit your challenges – challenge your limits.” So if you’re like me, your first thought in reading this quote was likely “Ugh… probably a corny motivational poster from the Skymall catalog.” You know the ones, maybe someone rock climbing a sheer cliff wall with nothing but a couple of powder-covered fingers separating her from […]