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Mozambique Monday – Gaza Province

The difference of two months between my first and second trip to the Gaza province is vast.  Instead of sleeping on the drive (~4 hours) due to  flight exhaustion, time zone differences, and the explosive volume of changes I was wide awake taking in the landscape and trying to converse with the driver in Portuguese […]

Mozambique Monday – World Marathon Challenge

The World Marathon Challenge: Race for Survival, a global relay race that covers the full marathon distance (42.195km).  Children from Ireland to Brazil, Mozambique to Afghanistan participated in the race to raise awareness of the need to tackle hunger and malnutrition, the underlying cause of a third of all child deaths.   This was the largest […]

Mozambique Monday – Getting to Zen

It has been a full two months since my last PULSE entry so I have quite a bit of catch-up.  In thinking about what to write I immediately thought of some of the major activities and events that I have been busily working on and I will take the time to chronicle these and post, […]

Mozambique Monday

Two plus months into my assignment and my emotions run from being lonely and missing home to not feeling like I have enough time to complete all that I have set out to accomplish.  The loneliness hit exactly at week eight.  I woke up one morning and realized I wouldn’t see my family for another […]

Mozambique Monday – Six Weeks In

August 12, 2012 Six weeks into my assignment and I have hit my stride.  Working on several pop mob campaigns, large donor visits, Save the Children International transition, hiring a new communications officer and of course putting together the overall communication plan.  That is not to say there have not been bumps in the road, […]

Mozambique Monday – July 23

I attended my first central office staff meeting today (all in Portuguese!) and followed along semi coherently.  It’s good as the more Portuguese I hear the more I can become accustomed to the language and possibly speaking it (a bit).  Some of the staff are very helpful and everyday teach me new words and phrases.  […]

Mozambique Monday – July 16

The beginning of week three and I am already working on my first popular mobilization campaign – World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7th).  There are quite a few ‘international dates’ that SCiMOZ would like to be more active in supporting via public events.  SCiMOZ can use these campaigns to expand their advocacy and messaging to the […]

Maputo Tuk, Tuks July 11

Week 1 in Mozambique

Mozambique Monday A week into my PULSE assignment and what an amazing week it has been.  I began with Save the Children Mozambique (SCiMOZ) on Monday, July 2 and within the first hour was asked if I wanted to accompany an AMREF donor on a trip to the Gaza province.  Absolutely!  I thought the trip […]