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October 18

PULSE Experience Has No Match , Just Take a Look

Transplantation It’s an opportunity to Think , Look , Sound and Feel different I like to describe the international PULSE volunteering experience as “Transplantation” , where you transplant your own mindset , skills and attitude to a new nurturing environment .it’s a complete immersion in new culture , sudden stop of most of old habits  […]

October 16

Thank You GSK-Indonesia Part 2

I am addressing with this article “All PULSE volunteers”, Especially it’s the beginning of Volunteering Awareness Week As GSK PULSE volunteers , we can see the benefits the PULSE can bring to societies , volunteers and ultimately GSK . Increasing awareness about PULSE is very useful , however answering people concerns can bring more volunteers […]

October 16

Thank You GSK-Indonesia Part 1

In This Article you will be surprised to what extent GSK offices can support your PULSE assignment wherever the assignment takes you, as GSK Indonesia supported me with very outstanding and professional support during my visa renewal trip to Indonesia. —————————————————————————– As it may sound the opposite of my last article about the importance of […]

September 25

That’s when amusement and development become a survival issue!!!!

As International volunteers live in different new environment, away from our families,  friends and society. We face huge expansion in our free time (after work, weekends and national holidays) This free time can lead to increased sense of home sickness, isolation and lost sense of meaning. On the other  hand, it can be a great […]

September 08

How a PULSE volunteer is supported for Success?

GSK supports PULSE volunteers with strong support system to ensure there is no barrier for them to significantly  grow and develop as well as to deliver sustainable impact smoothly and successfully. —————————————————————————— PULSE volunteers international assignments are exposed to new culture , work in a different role with a different company usually NGOs . It’s […]

July 25

Why do we need ” Cultural immersion” ?

Why do we need ” Cultural immersion” ? First 10 Days in Vietnam : Mission accomplished   It’s said “ you never know how strong you are,  until being strong is the only choice you have “   I am Mohamed , Working for GSK GCC ,  Resident in Saudi Arabia , which makes it […]