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November 22

Once a Life

During our PULSE assignment we are always facing experiences that you just feel that it’s “once a life” experience and that what I’d love to share with my dear PULSE colleagues. Last week end, Some Folks and myself planned to go and watch the final world cup 2014 (Brazil) qualifying match for Nigeria Vs Ethiopia; […]

Recharging Batteries

Just returned back from my mid-assignment vacation that was tough but I’ve really enjoyed it a lot!!! How nice to see your family especially meeting your 3 years old kid and start to discover and notice the huge difference in his own character, talking and having an opinion!!! I’ve just stopped a lot against realizing […]

Sending a Letter by Post in The 21st Century

Is it hard to send a letter by the traditional post in the 21st century in Nigeria??!!! Unfortunately, The answer is YES. It takes me 3 days of hard work 🙂 by asking all of our Nigerian colleagues and drivers where is the Nigerian post office. Most of them claimed that there is no Nigerian […]

August 26

Start of Real Mindset Change

Just by starting my Pulse assignment almost 2 months ago I was working very hard in order to understand the different dynamics present in the Nigerian market in order to be able to adapt the marketing and communication plans for our NGO “Malaria Consortium” commercial sector private market partners that fit the market for the […]

August 15

Bloody Day in Egypt

Actually,I’d like to express my apology for this post that seems to be political but believe me that I’m not going to mention any political aspect in this post. My Intention is just to share some of my feeling with my bigger family (PULSE Family). Yesterday the 14th of August was a “Bloody day in […]

July 29

110 Millions… What a Challenge?!!!

Malaria constitutes a major economic burden on endemic communities in Africa including Nigeria. Malaria is endemic throughout the country with more than 90% of the total population at risk of one episode of malaria (NetMark, 2001). At least 50% of the population suffer from at least one episode of malaria each year and malaria currently […]

July 17

“Hey: Nigerian Culture Talks”

Actually, I’m in my third week of my Pulse assignment in Nigeria. But I’ll spend this week in Lagos not Abuja due to business needs. What I’ve noticed that Nigerian culture is really a wealthy culture and I assume that 6 months are not enough to discover all aspects of this interesting culture. Here you […]

July 09

Be The Change

First of all, This article is copied from the internet but I’ve found it to be really inspiring for me after the first week of the pulse assignment and I hope that you like it. Are You a Carrot, An Egg, or a Coffee Bean? A young woman went to her mother and told her […]

June 17

Dedication Vs Delicious Food

Actually, I’m in my last 8 working days in KSA before my Pulse assignment in Nigeria. I’m visiting now a remote rural city called Albaha that consists of a lot of mountains and a great desert nature. I’m exerting my utmost todeliver my sales targets and to hang over my assigned work to my collegues […]