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September 19

The Mistry’s tour East Africa

Just as I was starting to get homesick the family arrives!….Great timing guys! I only had a week with them and we had a jammed packed itinerary so I knew I would need to step out of my ‘African timing’, laid back approach I have become accustomed to here and step back into the punctual, […]

September 02

Getting Arty in Africa

So my time at the feeding centre has come to an end and what a 2 weeks it has been…..It’s been exhausting, ridiculously hot and sweaty (there’s no shade there) but it’s been a lot of fun and really rewarding. My second week started with a painting project! One of the girls, Diana, at the […]

August 27

Period Of Shame

Yesterday, completely by chance, I saw a segment on Kenyan national television called “Period of Shame” (on Citizen TV). The full programme was about half an hour long but this is all I could find on youtube. Will try and get hold of the full programme (and the permission to link it to my blog […]

August 24

Ploughing, planting and poking holes

Oh the pain!! I knew with my little experience of gardening the Soybean project was going to be a a lot more demanding than the MARS project but I have now become aware of muscles I didn’t even know could hurt! We started digging the field on Tuesday ready for planting. The soil is dark […]

August 19

Jug and a Mug

Well we have conducted the last training session with the teachers at Ombeyi. This time with no projector but improvised with handouts. The training session was generally well received but i felt the male teachers still had some very strange questions! I am now starting to see the differences between Ombeyi and Rabuor communities. Something […]

August 13

Larry’s been upgraded big time!

Oh yes, your eyes do not deceive you i actually drove this monster 8km over rocks!! Now given the largest car I’ve ever driven is my Larry, a Toyota Yaris (even then I struggle with parking!), and it took me 6 attempts to pass my driving test this was quite the achievement! 🙂 My trusty […]

August 09

Surprising Success

I conducted my second workshop this Tuesday. It was VERY difficult. The girls were very shy to participate in the discussions which made things hard to get through. They also felt the need to say they understood what I was teaching them even if they didn’t (for fear of annoying a ‘muzungu’)! This was more […]

August 09

Oh Happy Day! It was a fantastic experience to be a part of the celebrations at Rabuor Primary school yesterday! The school had just won 1st place in a national Scottish Dancing competition (its very popular in Kenya!). This was the first time the school had won anything and considering they were competing against private schools the […]

August 05

Luck be a lady

This week has been oh so very lucky! It started off with a mad panic to get ready for the first workshop which took place last Thursday. However come last Wednesday afternoon we still had no material and weren’t entirely sure if the budget had been approved for the project. VERY which is not […]

July 29


In the short time i’ve been here one thing that has really stuck out to me is the strength and resilience of the women here! They are incredible! I have seen great physical strength and determination and the women i have met are very strong in their beliefs and values. I have seen the women […]

July 26

Its all go now!

First of all I would like to show off my language skills. I have now learnt the following: Jambo!- hello Habari gani? – How are you? Jina langu ni Harshna – my name is Harshna Asante sana- thank you sawa- ok (and also used in place of bye- very confusing when on the phone as […]

July 17

Struggle for success…

So that’s it first week done! It feels like it has been so much longer. The week has been all about settling in. We’re still in our orientation period so we are being taken out into the field everyday to visit the various projects and chat with the staff there to see what they are […]

July 11

African Timing

Well, I have arrived!!! After a very sleepless flight involving a small child letting out intermittent shrieks for 8 hours, I made it to Nairobi! The connection was fine too, not sure what I was worried about now. The people here are all very friendly and incredibly helpful, and Kisumu as a place has a […]

July 05

The lasts…..

Well, the week started with a family BBQ on Sunday! Not planned to be, but kind of ended up being a family get together before I left. A great opportunity to say my farewells and since my lovely cousin hosted, it was all the fun without any of the clearing up after! :p Though as […]

June 24

T-14 days…prepmania!

Eeeek! I can’t believe the time has come around so quickly! I fly out on the 9th July to Kisumu, Kenya to begin my 6 month Pulse assignment with the Ogra foundation. I’ll be joining fellow pulse volunteers Madeleine Symons and Jane Lehnhoff in this fantatstic adventure! We’re all working on different projects, mine is […]