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Goodbye Kenya…

Well that’s it, 6 months over! At times it seems like i have been in Kisumu much longer but at the same time it feels like only yesterday i was stressing about flight changes in Nairobi! So i started thinking about what i have accomplished out here in the 6 months and what have i […]

November 29

The Israeli’s descend upon Kenya….

Well not really the Israeli’s as a nation just one Israeli to be fair….for the last 2 weeks i have been lucky to have one of my very close friends visit me from Israel. We are a tight knit group of 4 very close friends but life has spun us all in different directions so […]

The MARS Project takes to the airwaves…

I gave an interview on the MARS Project to KBC Radio Kenya. Please listen past the Shane Ward-esque music in the beginning! Not sure why I sound like I have a cold but hey….its a start to creating awareness and exciting to actually get on the radio in Kenya!! I would like to point out […]

Hard work = Smiley faced girls = Job Well Done :)

  And lastly…a request to demonstrate how the towels should be used…. true dedication to the project! Cue laughter from the girls!…….(I feel like a superhero!!) 😀

November 04

It’s all about new experiences…

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat mellow compared to previous months. The follow up sessions are far easier to run. They are less stressful, less demanding and involves a lot more singing and dancing and general whooping! 😀 The follow ups only take about an hour to run in comparison to the workshops […]

Houston…we have lift off!

MARS Project Website I have finally finished and published my website on the MARS project. The idea behind this website was to help people from other NGOs and schools that have heard of this project and approached me to ask me to run it in their schools. Since i’m only here for 6 months and […]

October 23

MARS Project: High five for sanitary towels!

October 23

MARS Project: Check out the awards!

Soaps and lotions being given as awards for making 6 towels!

October 23

Masai Adventure: Giraffes Fighting!

Cannot believe we saw this!!

October 23

MARS Project: Kenyan Macarena!

October 23

MARS Project: Thank You UK

A message for all those who donated back home…

October 23

MARS Project: Follow up Fun!

Follow up at Ombeyi cut short by a thunderstorm turned into lots of fun…

October 20

Ding Ding…Round 2…

So the hubby has gone and what a week it’s been! Unfortunately as predicted the 2 weeks before he came felt like a complete drag and of course the week he was here flew by! But i think he had a fantastic Kenyan adventure and got very involved in my project which was great! So […]

October 08

Half Time

It’s been a while since my last blog and i guess the reason for that is the once novel becoming normality. The things about Kenya that would once surprise me or make me whip my camera out for a shot don’t even catch my attention anymore! It’s amazing how accustomed you can get in just […]

September 24

A moment for gratitude

I want to take a moment to give thanks to everyone who has helped with the MARS project thus far. The success of this project has been a team effort and it would not be where it is now without the help and support of those around me, both near and far. My soap campaign […]