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March 01

myPULSEbook Edition 3

I am very happy and excited to share with you 3rd version of myPULSEbook. SO don`t miss couple of minutes entertainment imported from the city that never sleeps, Belgrade. It offers you much more brief and exotic look to the stories during my assignment. Kindly click on the link below: myPULSEbook Edition 3

February 25

A Night On Broadway: A Life-time Nostalgia

“There are many ill and scared people without any support; the dignity which BELhospice gives to its patients must be a human right in this country.” These were the comments of Milena Dravic the famous star of Serbian theatre, on “A night on Broadway”, the 6th traditional BELhospice Charity Ball which was powered by Samsung […]

February 22

A Moment of Pride

CSR Forum held by Smart Kolective recognized GSK PULSE volunteers as most innovative volunteering in Serbia. On this occasion GSK was awarded for the continuous support of GlaxoSmithKline towards the Community of Serbia in terms of partnership to provide palliative care to terminally ill cancer patients with BELhospice.   During CSR forum 2015, organized by […]

February 08

International Volunteer Day

On Friday, the 4th of December 2015, we held a small celebration at the BELhospice center, to mark International Volunteer Day. It was a small celebration to honor people with big hearts. People who contribute in a variety of ways to the work of the BELhospice center and the quality of care for terminally ill […]

February 05

Everybody deserves a happy ending.

A happy ending doesn’t really mean the end of life but end of every interaction, every transaction or every relationship. When there is time when we all are concluding our assignments or already crossed the finish line, just wondering if we all had a happy ending. Certainly we do aim to have a best conclusion […]

February 03

5 things to anticipate before signing up for PULSE.

As in normal life there are problems or challenges that we face in our everywhere. So as you should expect challenges during your PULSE assignment. Volunteering abroad has many exciting opportunities but it comes with challenges as well. But believe me tackling with those is the actual learning during your assignment which you may not […]

December 29

112 – all are giving back something

GSK PULSE program out of many shares one common aspect “give it back to the community”. One you talk about it you can`t forget about volunteering. Today I will share with you the selfless tireless and enthusiastic people of Belgrade, BELhospice volunteers. The 7th BELhospice volunteer training course was held between Oct 19th and Oct […]

December 11

A night on BROADWAY: I`m Possible

Adrenaline was going higher, stresses were increasing, you could see dark circles around their eyes due to lack of sleep in last couple of days.  Yes this was the exact situation of BELhospice fellows there in Belgrade just one day before the annual charity ball, our main fundraiser of the year “A night on Broadway” […]

November 30

myPULSEbook: October Stories

I didn’t expect the positive and extraordinary response that I got about “myPULSEbook” from all the colleagues, friends, family members and customers as well which is really motivating and encouraging to energize a person like me to accelerate. With the courage given me by those inspiring responses I got from my PULSE village members, I am highly […]

November 27

A night on BROADWAY: Website

I have brought to you the highlights of the preparations and enthusiasm here in Belgrade regarding this event in my couple of blogs in past week. I am going to talk about something very special those I saw in very high profile events only so far around the globe. I observed an idea to launch […]

November 25

Do More, Feel Better, Live Longer: CSR Launch

It was honor to be invited as volunteer of a UK based organization GSK by H.E Mr. Denis Keefe the ambassador of United Kingdom to Serbia on cocktail arranged at his residence in showing gratitude towards the noble services of GSK towards Serbian community. H.E warmly welcomed, greeted and acknowledged the corporate social responsibility actions […]

November 24

A night on BROADWAY: Weekend Bash in Office

This story explains about how much effort you necessitate to make the perfect composition with the right ingredients to make an event a real success and convert into a masterpiece. The guys here deserve a “hats off” and raise the hands for salutation those are truly working hard and selflessly for the terminally ill patients […]

November 23

“health.gsk” Serbia signs in..

I am recalling the days before joining the assignment while I was still in Oman and I was on my routine activities, we were in pre-launch phase of “health.gsk” the internet platform by GSK to HCPs. This website provides information on GSK prescription products for healthcare professionals all over the world. I traveled to Serbia at […]

November 22

A night on BROADWAY: First Look

As I mentioned in my previous post about our major fundraising event in 2015 is a charity ball going to be held on 28th November, this Saturday. I am again writing to share with you few updates about the preparations of this event. I am very enthusiastic to be part of this team who is […]

November 18

A night on BROADWAY: Preparations

As the November is coming to its end many of us may be looking it as nearing Christmas vacations but in BELhospice it`s full of activity nowadays as the time flying we are going near to the Annual Charity Ball which is on 28th November, Saturday.  At this moment preparations are on full swing and […]