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December 20

My notes from Africa in photos

I know that a lot of people like  and expect photos from me but my last blogs didn’t contain many. Therefore I have decided to make a selection of photos of the best moments of my staying in Africa. My colleagues and friends         Children Lake Victoria   Mwanza Safari Sunsets Zanzibar             IT WAS TIME […]

December 20

It is time to say Goodbye Mwanza, Tanzania!

It is quite difficult for me to find words to farewell but unfortunately the time to say Goodbye has come. Positive emotions overflow and it is very difficult to describe  the project picking up correct words and feelings. If you ask me whether I learned something? – Yes, I did. If you ask me if the project has […]

December 20

GSK PULSE volunteers in Tanzania

In this post I just want to  share briefly how wonderfully I spent my last  weekend. After moving to a new building and equipping a new office GSK Tanzania  kindly invited  PULSE volunteers on excursions and all five volunteers who stay in Tanzania kindly agreed.  We found our colleagues while they were finishing  their PDPs but still had a great opportunity […]

December 19

Something about work with patients

Close to the end of the project I start remembering how it all started. When I applied for participation in the program I really had a dream  to get into an organization related to working with children, but my organization PRRR is engaged in work with HIV-infected patients. I am in no way complaining , but it caused a […]

December 10

It is interesting to know your opinion

Knowledge without practice is dead and even poisonous. There are many theories according to which if you receive something you should  try to share this with the biggest number of people. I followed this advice. This half a year of my life has  really been a period of accumulation of knowledge: a new language, a new culture, a […]

December 03

Words of gratefulness

Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in Canada and the United States Last week. It is not very popular in my country and very few people know about it in Tanzania. Recently this holiday became one of the most  favourite holidays of the year. You have wonderful opportunity to compliment people and say  words of love, and gratitude, […]

November 29

Notes of life in Tanzania

Just a few days left before the last month of my assignment begins. And there are so many things I would love to do and see which I havent done and seen yet. Previous month of my life here was full of  such events: visiting Dar es Salaam, travelling to Zanzibar, improving my computer skills to share  them with colleagues. First I had a wonderful trip to the […]

October 08

It can make you smile.

Several years ago a department store in New York accepted the lack of free time of its workers during the  preparation for  Christmas holidays and introduced to its customers a philosophy pretentious passage  “A price of smiles on Christmas Day” in one of the promotional advertisements.  These are the key points of the article: It costs nothing, but can work miracles. […]

October 07

My latest two weeks summary

Time…Invaluable, fleeting, precious  time. It only seems that it  goes by slowly, in fact it is really  fast-moving. I crossed the equator of  staying  in a wonderful and unforgettable country Tanzania 🙂 Many participants of the program PULSE  while talking about their experience mention  that it takes from two to three months to start feeling a  taste of the country in full, […]

September 15

20 years ago he found out he had AIDS

Every day BMC starts its work in the same way. A lot of patients arrive at CTC . Some of them come for the first time the others have their regular scheduled examination. There is a short lecture-conversation  led by one of the doctors at around 8.15  . The doctor tells about  what medical specialists how and why each of the patients need […]

September 08

Something about my work

Bugando Medical Centre is a consultant and teaching Hospital for the Lake and Western zones of the United Republic of Tanzania. It is situated along the shores of Lake Victoria in Mwanza City. It is a referral centre for  8 regions namely Mwanza, Shinyanga, Tabora, Kigoma, Kagera and Mara Simiyu and Geita. It serves a […]

September 01

The First of September

Today has been exactly two months since I began my PULSE assignment. Actually, it is neither little time  nor much time but it seems to me I have been here for ages. During the very first month everything was new to me…almost every day there were some new people, emotions, impressions, food, tools and different approaches at work. […]

August 14

Safary and five lessons from the nature

As I wrote in a previous blog I had visited one of national parks of Tanzania-Serengety. It was a Safary trip and it was the first time in my life. I didn’t expect that I would get so many positive emotions enjoying games and behavior of wild animals in the natural habitat. We can get […]

August 12

The biggest treasure in the world!

So … one more week … the week started with overflowing me emotions after the first safari in my life .. Curiosity, excitement, wonder, compunction and sometimes fear overcame me 🙂 It is absolutely true there is only one way to observe the animals which is to let them be free! But today I want […]

August 01

My first month’s last week’s notes.

My dear colleagues, friends and blog followers! I apologize that I didn’t share anything interesting with you last week…for I was pleasantly surprised to receive a lot of messages questioning if was ok. Probably it was worth skipping that week to understand that my news is being waited for and the blog is read 🙂 […]