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August 14

Camp of the Brave

Bator Tabor…. Camp of the Brave. The day I opened the highly anticipated email that would reveal my PULSE assignment,  I was informed that I had been matched with the SeriousFun Children’s Network, Bator Tabor in Budapest, Hungary…I then, immediately, went online…first, to check out exactly where Hungary was located (I had a general idea…meaning…I knew […]

July 18

A stranger in a strange land…

Just over three weeks ago, I touched down in beautiful Budapest, Hungary. Thankfully, the flight over was uneventful, aside from the typical, extra hour and a half spent on the tarmac in Philadelphia.  I haven’t posted much since my arrival, as I have been trying to be present in all I see and do, additionally,  moving […]

June 18

It’s Now or Never….

I passed by this boat on my walk along the River Brent, going from the hotel to GSK House in London, on my first day of PULSE orientation in May….I couldn’t help but feel it was aptly named… and not a coincidence.   Literally, it’s now or never for me to embark on this life changing […]