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September 05

My first month at Cruz Roja Americana. What I can learn and what GSK can learn

After a month here, I have already an idea of the people I would like to learn from. I started  to reflect on what GSK could learn too. My Red Cross supervisor, who is an amazing manager, is the first person I could learn from here: he cares for his team of volunteers a lot, […]

August 10

Puerto Rico and Cruz Roja, rich in exceptional people

When you are about to leave for your PULSE project, despite you know the activities  you will carry out, you never really know what to expect until you are there. Yes when you are there…for me there is here in Puerto Rico. Seeing and meeting the people you have been in touch with before coming, […]

July 18

Some thoughts before departure! PULSE assignment at American Red Cross of Puerto Rico.

¡Hola! I am so thrilled my PULSE assignment is about to start…all the paperwork was not easy but here we are…I finally got my visa: I will be Volunteers Intake Process Lead at American Red Cross of Puerto Rico in few days and for six months’ time. A bit of background for you: on September 2017 Puerto Rico […]