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July 13

Sustainability is the holy grail

I’ve been delaying writing my last blog because I knew, once I’ve posted it, my assignment was completed. It is about 10 hours before I get on the plane to go back to London…reckon I can’t postpone it any longer…. (although I am secretly hoping the flight will be cancelled..) It feels a bit unreal […]

Going Digital from under the Trees

Gone are the days of training people in meeting rooms, I’ve run numerous sessions in schools, churches, tents and even outside under the trees. My first training module focused on Adherence to HIV/AIDS medication. We’ve now also developed a second module that focuses on the medicine used for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and Opportunistic infections […]

Stop the clock!

I’ve reached the ½ way mark with my assignment! Even though I said before that the pace of life in Kenya is much slower than in the UK, time as really flown by….and the rainy season also started.  Look how beautiful the clouds are in the picture! The last month was not how I planned […]

Forget about PowerPoint slides…

I can’t believe we are already in February! Not one day in the last month has been the same. Even though it is very warm and the travelling is tiring, I love spending most of my days at the Ogra Medical Centre, attending training sessions in the villages and visiting people in their homes. I […]

Two weeks later…

So it has been over 2 weeks since I left the UK! And what an interesting 2 weeks it has been!! I live in a city on Lake Victoria in Kenya called Kisumu. It is the third largest city in Kenya and has a population of around 300 000 people.  I am very lucky, currently […]

Leaving for Kenya in a few days!

The time has finally arrived, after 8 long months we are almost on our way to Kenya! I will be joining the GSK PULSE volunteers in Kisumu to work with the OGRA foundation to improve the information system in the OGRA clinics including rolling out an Electronic Medical Records (no, this is not Zinc – I’m […]