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November 27

Feeling Thankful for my trusted Market Research Vendors

This blog is dedicated to all of my dear Market Research Vendor Friends, and their extended team members whom I may have never met, for their skill and dedication to the craft of research and evaluation. The GSK PULSE Program has provided the opportunity to sharpen skills, and gain valuable outside-in perspective thru using them […]

September 28

Roll out the red carpet!

Adding a photo of my red carpet debut … Greetings from the Franklin Institute – As most of you know, I’m embedded with the Franklin Institute External Affairs Team for my 2017 PULSE assignment, and plan to be back in the Navy Yard mid-January 2018. It is an energizing assignment, and I am […]

July 21

Fun First at The Franklin Institute

You know that special ripple of positive energy that washes over the office when you hear the unexpectedly quick pace of a visiting toddlers’ footsteps zipping past the conference room? Well, multiply that by two thousand kids, and it almost comes close to a day working at the Franklin Institute (TFI) in Philadelphia. Their joy infuses […]