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March 13

A movie to explain my project in Direct Relief & ThankYOU DR!

Because it is sometimes easier to understand things by pictures, you can now see the achievement I did during my 6 months assignement. Nothing wouldn’t have been possible without the very good collaboration with all staff. Thanks to all my Direct Relief’s colleagues for their support for implementing the Barcoding in the warehouse (Sarva (I miss you :)), my […]

January 22

Barcoding is Working! Do More With Less

In the begining of my assigment I was in charge to find a way to use the manufacurer barcode to improve the warehouse process. Things were not easy everyday but very challenging. I have a very good collaboration with my colleague Sarva from Direct Relief who gave me all the keys to have the good […]

September 26

How to decode a barcode?

Direct Relief International (DRI) is exactly what our colleague Ann described in her post (link). No way to describe better than her ;). To know what the DRI’s activities are, I can propose you to read Ann’s post. One month is already passed and, like a lot of us, the time seems to go faster during our assignment. […]