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September 21

When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water

Imagine how your life will change without water? Once I came to my home after a long day, opened the tap to wash my hands and realized that I have no water… thousands of thoughts came up immediately- how I will wash, cook, were I can get even few litters for now… but this was […]

September 14

Changing inside out and learning, learning, learning…

This is my second blog and I can’t believe that more than one month is already gone! So I will try to overtake my blogging. First two weeks after arrival were absolutely dropped out from my life, of course now I can reminisce everything with a smile on my face, laugh and feel a little […]

July 25

Bye, bye lovely Kiev! Hello Dar es Salaam!

Hello all! This is my last working day in GSK Ukraine before my Pulse journey, so many things to do and to think about. Time passed so fast and in 1 week I will be 9 thousand miles away from home, incredible that the earth could so big and small at the same time! I will have […]