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August 14

Saving Every Child’s Life

The most dangerous period in a child’s life is during birth and shortly thereafter. One Filipino child per thirty births die before reaching age five. In the autonomous region of Muslim Mindanao, a shocking one in ten children die before the age of five. Most of these deaths occur because basic healthcare is not available […]

August 11

The Aftermath of Yolanda: Seeing The Faces We Help

On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), struck the Philippines. It is considered the most powerful storm to make landfall in recorded history. Yolanda affected 1,473,251 families, with a casualty count of 6,300. This storm was devastating and my Pulse buddy, Vivian, was in the Philippines when this super typhoon occurred. She was […]

August 04

Out of the Cubicle. Into Consumer Health Offices.

Out of the Cubicle. Into Consumer Health Offices. ‘Welcome to GSK Consumer Healthcare. How can I help you?’ If you are like me, you probably would like to put a face to the person who answers the call. What information can be provided? What requests can be met? Who really is on the other end? […]

August 03

Breast Is Best

Breast Is Best August 1st to the 7th is World Breast Feeding Week. As a mom, I insisted on breast feeding my children. I remember fondly the discussions my mother and I had about this subject before my daughter, Jennifer, was born. Mom grew up in a generation where breast feeding was frowned upon. She […]

July 29

Drop. Cover. Hold.

Drop. Cover. Hold. A 7.2 magnitude Earthquake struck Manilla and killed 52,000 at 10:30 AM on July 30th. That got your attention, didn’t it? Thankfully this is just a simulation drill citywide in Manilla today. It is however a real possibility. The East and West Valley fault line runs thru Manilla and has shown increasing […]

July 27

OMG! Nosebleed! Say what?!

OMG! Nosebleed! Say what?! I’m fine. My nose is not bleeding. It’s just a common Pinoy lingo. Okay, this blog is about Filipino culture and this seems like the perfect place to start. So what the heck is a nosebleed? I’ll start by saying here in the Philippines, nosebleed is not a medical condition per […]

July 23


Fundraising and Media Outreach To End Corporal Punishment and Prepare For Disasters: Do you agree with corporal punishment? Many of you may have been spanked as a child, but I doubt many of you suffered severe injuries. I personally wasn’t corporally punished, nor did I punish my children in such a way. “Corporal punishment” according […]

July 19

8 Filipinos Die of Drowning Every Day

The recreational activity of swimming has been recorded since prehistoric times. Yes it really has. I did the research. The earliest recording of swimming dates back to Stone Age paintings from around 10000 years ago. You can find written references dating as far back as 2000 BC., mentioned in the Bible. For most of my […]

July 07

The Magic of Mindanao

The Magic of Mindanao: Mindanao is the second largest and southernmost major island in the Philippines. Its population exceeds twenty million. Here is the greatest need for the children we help at Save the Children. Traveling here for work last week enabled me to see the extreme poverty and yet vast resources and natural beauty. […]

June 28

A Child’s Perspective in the Philippines

A child’s life in the Philippines can be very challenging. Most are set free by their parents at the end of elementary school. Parents don’t have the means to support them and many are outright abandoned. Could you imagine being told at the age of ten or eleven to make it on your own? As […]

June 21

The Eyes of Poverty

Today I got a real first hand experience of poverty. The Webster dictionary describes poverty as one who lacks the necessary food, money or material needs to support themselves. This definition does very little to put a face to those who are in true poverty. Today I set out to see the faces of the […]

June 17

Here I Am. Look at Me Now.

Save The Children Here I Am to Be The Change I almost can’t believe I am here. I have to pinch myself. Its been quite a busy week. I have spent my days getting acclimated at Save The Children and being the liason to our GSK corporate office for Orange Week. Everyone has been so sweet […]

May 07

Getting Ready For A Thrilla in Manilla