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February 08

Imprint the World By Giving Back

Well here we are!!! This is my final blog reflecting back on my incredible seven months in Asia. I really can’t believe how quickly it went by. Honestly, I virtually blinked and it was over. That’s how life is sometimes. We need to stop and enjoy every day because we won’t have another one exactly […]

December 05

Its a Pleasure To Meet You Mr President

APEC Philippines 2015 was the year-long hosting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit which concluded with the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting held on 18–19 November 2015 in Manila. It was the second time the Philippines hosted the summit, the first being the 1996 APEC summit. Many Presidents and world dignitaries were in attendance. For the Philippines […]

November 25

A Filipino Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in the United States as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year. It is celebrated today, the fourth Thursday of November. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Thanksgiving has its historical roots in religious and cultural traditions. […]

November 17

All Hands on…Each Other!

‘Yes you heard me right. Please dip your hands in your favourite paint!’ These were the words I told school age children in Tacloban a couple weeks back. I was asked to lead up the Global Hand Washing Day at a local elementary school. Needless to say, the children loved me. The teachers, well, perhaps […]

November 10

Gawad Kalinga: Proud to be GSK

I will always remember my arrival to Manila. It is a very crowded city and can be intimidating at first. One of the first places I visited in my whirlwind first week was GSK Makati. Here I participated in Orange Week festivities, serving as a liason between Save The Children and GSK. Our partnership to […]

November 02

Change Begins With Just One Person

I have long been a believer that volunteering is the secret weapon of happy people, myself included. I feel a strong deep passion to give back. Growing up, several members of my family were missionaries. I have consistently done mission work myself, often including my husband and children. This has included traveling abroad in Haiti. […]

October 24

The Aftermath of A Super Typhoon

‘ Severe Tropical Storm (STS) Koppu (local name: Lando), which initially made landfall in the Aurora Province, Philippines 1:00am on 18 October 2015, has been changed from typhoon classification to a severe super typhoon storm (STS)’, stated the Philippine weather bureau. As of 20 October, Lando had maintained its strength as it moved in the […]

October 14

What Do A Swimming Pool, Oven And AMCHAM Have In Common?

It’s hard to believe but I am two thirds through my Pulse assignment in the Philippines. Time has surely flown by. As I begin Volunteer Awareness Week and the several activities I have planned, I find myself reflecting on sustainable change. Have I created sustainable change? How do I measure it? A model for sustainable […]

October 05

Giving Back To Mother Nature

The Philippines is full of natural beauty. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful place I have traveled on my trips worldwide. Thanks to our incredible Pulse program, I get to live here for six months. I continue to be amazed at the natural wonders here above and below the sea. One of my life long […]

September 24

My Personal Dance with Fear

Most of us are afraid of something. We each have our own examples of how fear can be such a huge, impenetrable barrier. It could be spiders, drowning, flying, or for many like me, it’s a fear of heights. To quote Helen Keller: “Fear…some would rather bury it, walk around it, build bridges over it, […]

September 15

I wanted to make a difference

Unlike most children who are born and taken care by their parents, many young Filpino children have never experienced it at all. These unfortunate ones don’t have the chance to feel the love of having a real mother on his or her side. The absence of a biological parent’s existence can leave the abandoned child […]

September 06

Unseen Tears: The Filipino Orphan

Most of us are fortunate to be born into a family with parents. Our mother and father can provide for and nurture us. We likely didn’t face our parents death until adulthood, most likely middle age. In America, we are able to go about our lives unfettered by the concerns an orphan faces. The Philippines […]

September 01

Lahat Dapat: No Child Left Behind

It has been enjoyable seeing all the photos of many children, including my own, returning to school.  Spending time with local school children has been rewarding and takes me back to my school days. However, it’s quite a different atmosphere in schools here. The issues are huge and words cannot truly express what I’ve seen. […]

August 24

The Indigenous People: A Tradition as Precious as Life Itself

The Philippines have a large number of indigenous ethnic groups living in the country. Their plight is largely unspoken. Tribal voices have historically been silent. These indigenous people are the descendants of the original inhabitants of the Philippines. Miraculously, these communal members were not absorbed by centuries of Spanish and United States colonization of the […]

August 19

Back in the Monkey Suit: ADP meets AMCHAM

Last week was a very touching and emotional experience. I gained such insight into the global healthcare challenges of third world countries. It was front and center in Mindanao. I feel I am forever changed after witnessing such extreme human suffering and death from largely preventable circumstances. Leaving those Filipino communities, I had ADP top […]