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December 19

What a Journey it has been…

Exactly six months today since I started my Pulse journey in the Kingdom of Swaziland. I have never imagined how much I would benefit in this most amazing experience of my life and the impact that I can make to the people. I believe Pulse shapes my heart, my mind, and my soul completely, gives […]

December 04

Do More and Feel Better…

For the last 3months, we have been busy in assisting the Ministry of Health in developing their budget under the Mid-term Expenditure Framework. One of my key tasks, was to develop a unit cost Database to enhance the budget tool with standardized inputs. I have worked with different departments like the Government Store, Procurement Unit, […]

August 14

Sanibona! (Hello!) This time it is for AFRICA!

It’s in my bucket list to travel in Africa thus when this opportunity came I was very excited. But more than the travel opportunity, it is the desire to be able to make a difference and to be able to give back and to change community. Swaziland is one of the smallest independent states located […]

June 13

Best in Class with a Heart….

For me, the true essence of being a GSK PULSE Volunteer is to be able to give and to share my time and energy not only to the NGO that I will be working with and to the community they are serving, but also to my GSK colleagues, family, and friends as I share with them this journey […]