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September 23

Cultivating Connections

This past weekend marked the halfway point of my stay in Sierra Leone and I have a feeling the second half will fly by even faster than the first. While it hasn’t been easy being so far from home, the people I’ve connected with have made such a huge difference in making me feel at […]

August 09

Forming Partnerships

What does it mean to partner? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the archaic term of partner is defined as “one that shares: a partaker” and the primary modern definitions is “one associated with another especially in action”. In the first month of working with Partners In Health Sierra Leone (PIH-SL), I’ve learned about how they […]

July 10

From Celebrating Freedom to Settling in Freetown

  Travelling to Sierra Leone to start my assignment with Partners In Health was quite a journey as I only gave myself one day in between arriving from my Philippine vacation and departing on my flight to Freetown. That one day was the 4th of July which is usually spent celebrating U.S. independence with fireworks […]

June 10

Preparing to launch

I’ve been a field-based employee for GSK in the U.S. since 2002 and have taken pride in my ability to effectively execute a successful launch. Strategic planning & preparation always led to success– whether I was launching a newly approved drug or a vaccine’s new recommendation, expanded age indication or an updated contract offer. Upon […]