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November 30

“Be in the moment” by the girl that avoids Christmas!

What does it mean to ‘Be in the moment?’ << December 2007: On Christmas Day just as I had settled down, I received a phone call before midnight requesting my attendance at the hospital to be with my sister. I was meant to be there at that time. >> December 2008: I flew my first solo […]

November 26

See No Evil Hear No Evil Speak No Evil

My daughter Armany and I share an obsession for ‘Lord of the Rings’. We have been known to watch the complete trilogy in one sitting, cuddled up on a sofa with a blanket, shouting out the dialogue before the characters’ lips move!   At Heathrow Airport, 02 July 2018 before I left for my assignment with […]

October 01

I am remarkable!

After a routine first half this year where I was living a normal life – I left. I am Manjit Kaur Marbaha, devout daughter, mother, grandnonny, sister, aunt, friend and GSK employee. Despite having the above roles and responsibilities, I left because my spirit was restless and it was guiding me elsewhere. Through the PULSE […]

August 01

Parents Protection Possibilities

Parents are deemed the most important and influential guardians in your lifetime. They prepare you for new circumstances or adventures and encourage you to learn from gaining experience. They equip you with the necessary skills, guide you and gradually strengthen you into the person you were meant to become. I am lucky to have two […]

July 04

A journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step – made easier if you are wearing comfortable footwear!

There is nothing more satisfying than throwing away/recycling your old used stuff, right? So why was it that I was staring at this pair of shoes and toying with the idea of throwing them away. I tossed them into the skip and walked away. I am the proud owner of many shoes but why was […]

June 08

This is your mission should you wish to accept it?

[March 2009 in C7 GSK House. Brentford] A covert undercover mission was assigned to me. I was to escort Sir Andrew Witty, GSK’s former CEO and Claire Thomas, Senior Vice President of HR, to a room where a formal business meeting was being held. I remember laughing with Andrew and Claire who were both delighted to […]