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November 23

Superheroes from Nigeria

My project’s overarching aim is to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in three high burden states in Nigeria. As part of my project I have been running a household survey to quantify the current awareness and understanding of long term reversible contraceptives (and healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy) in the rural communities in Nigeria. […]

October 23

Lightening up lives – Diwali

Before moving to Abuja for this six-month long assignment, every Pulse volunteer attended the Pulse orientation program. It is an exceptionally well designed interactive course that gave us a flavour of what to expect during our assignment, both personally and professionally.  During the orientation, the emotional curve was mentioned i.e. the emotional index whilst people […]

October 16

The Nigeria I saw

What comes to mind when you hear Nigeria? Lagos? Oil? Crime? Corruption? Well, that’s not surprising. However, allow me to introduce you to the Nigeria I saw. Before I do that though, I will shamefully admit that until I experienced and explored Nigeria, the things that would have come to my mind would’ve been Boko […]

October 12

The melody of emptiness

I wanted to write another blog with personal reflection, as a follow up to ‘where is home’. I sat down almost every evening for the last 4 weeks to put something interesting together. Thousands, if not more, of different and intermixed emotions flashed by but the page still remained blank. I couldn’t work out why […]

September 07

Trying to make an impact

September 06

Where is home

In only the first two months of my Pulse assignment I have felt more sets of emotions than I felt in the last two years. Working for CHAI has been refreshing, fulfilling and an enriching experience. I came here with unknown expectations and to say that it has exceeded my expectations will be an understatement. […]

August 19

Stepping into the unknown

Welcome to my second blog (or first vlog). Although contents of this one is a list of everything first – introduction, meeting, impression, experience and memories. The video editing quality is poor because I am new and still trying to get a handle on how this works. This is also likely to be a very […]

June 21

New adventure awaits – see you later Britain!

This is my first attempt at writing a blog so I’ll try to keep it short. I find this surreal that in less than 24 hours I will be in a continent I have never visited before, to start a 6 month journey in the unknown. ‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must […]