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January 17

180 days in Africa!

1st day: Take me back home! Last day: I don’t want to leave Tanzania! What happened in between? That is what I will try to summarize in the following lines; I learned in 180 days more than I have learned in my past 5 to 7 years may be! These days changed my life, now […]

October 31

“Make the world cry for your leave”

“Make the world cry for your leave” This is an African proverb, you can really learn a lot here in Africa…also you learn a lot from travelling too. The question here; why are you here in life? Have you ever asked yourself this question? And if yes you did ask…did you find a reply! Most […]

September 18

A message to the world !

In a world full of contradictions, full of injustice, full of a lot of instability, full of competition, full of cruelty, full of everything abnormal, full of anything but peace…In a mortal life where by all means we will all go and leave it one day… you will always find great difference in everything in […]

August 04

21 days in Tanzania

So do you think you are kind? Then try the Tanzanians! They are super kind, helpful & very friendly … Why are you here? Ask self this question, it is very important to define your goals from the early beginning, you don’t have to share it with any one! Keep them to yourself but write […]