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November 23

Lima – Ciudad Intervención (City intervention)

  This was the name of interactive exposition held some time ago in Miraflores municipality building. Every visitor could write a text on a post-it card and stick it to the map of Lima drawn on the hall walls. These messages usually indicated the place where something had occurred (“I fell in love in this […]

October 27

Children in desert area are not deserted

Arid Moquegua is one of Peruvian departments with the greatest concentration of indigenous people with Aimara as mother tongue. Conquered by Incas and then by Spanish invaders they lost a part of their cultural heritage, nevertheless,  this native language persisted.  Surprisingly, nowadays speaking  Aimara is not the matter of pride. Actually, it is on the […]

September 14

Literacy Boost in Apurímac

If you forget this text is in English and actually, posted on Internet, just reading it you are in more privileged position than significant number of persons in Peru, where 1.9 million still cannot read and write. Mountainous and poorly urbanised region of Apurímac is one of those with highest illiteracy rate. Save the Children […]

Too much emotions, false start at the beginning of the race August 04

Huancavelica is where great Peruvian athletes are born

Emotions running high, false start ! Elevated well over 3500 meters above sea level, homeland to world renowned Peruvian athletes,  Huanacavelica, on 1st of August, was the venue of sport competition of a very special kind. Children aged 5 to 13 were running for a cause far beyond the physical challenge and rivalry in spirit of […]

July 04

First Lima experiences

Yesterday, on the finish of my induction week at Save the Children (not the whole week indeed as there was Saint Peter and Paul Holiday on Monday) I had a chance to visit one of the places where the projects coordinated by SC staff become reality. Villa El Salvador is southernmost district of Lima and due […]