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December 17

Incredible devotions

What Pro Mujer “is” born in El Alto Bolivia where I was fortunate to visit, so many things beyond this encounter left me , strengthened my sense about the incredible amount of people that are all around us . Working for an NGO means in many cases giving back to the society everything good they […]

September 17

Giving Woman Credit

My first tangible contact with the meaning “Pro Mujer Giving Woman Credit” were these women, no great knowledge of sewing, without infrastructure even without a place to work, entrepreneurs their own business Textile Cooperative “Diseños de mi pueblo”. They started from nothing and are clear examples of self-improvement, with the state obtained the space that is […]

August 12

El camino apenas comienza / The road is just beginning.

A tres semanas de mi asignación y por fin creo que esto me está pasando a mí y no a alguien más, hay un cumulo de aprendizajes y muy gratas experiencias que me han pasado aceleradamente desde que incluí a Pulse en mi vida; después de una serie de pasos no menos importantes llega la […]