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February 07

Turning point: Evolution!

Come back to GSK Rosia Vaccine site and hard to say goodbye to my PULSE adventure and all people met during this adventure! My farewell was an impressive and emotional moment, celebrated with all Direct Relief staff!  Most of them become my adoptive family and, honestly, a part of me is still with them at Direct […]

November 30


Now here it is a decisive moment: the improvement actions in QA pillar warehouse project have been taken place successfully. That’s a great satisfaction for all Direct Relief staff and me! During this period, QA and Operation functions showed a strong and amazing collaboration on new system application and they were very supportive each other! […]

October 04

…A new beginning for Direct Relief!

Sep 29, 2016: a Special Day for Direct Relief’s history with the “Groundbreaking celebration” for the construction of new facility, at Hollister Avenue, in Goleta. This area will include the new headquarters and warehouse, covering 155,000 square feet, dimension almost four times largest than the current size of DR’facility. This event represents the “beginning of a […]

September 14

When an Hurricane is coming up..

Summer’s over, it is official with arrival of the “hurricane season”! Effectively today was a really cold and cloudy day (62°F or 16 C°) and I was thinking ….Where is the big and hot sun that I found when arrived here? Probably, even if luckily Santa Barbara coast has not been subjected to Hermine’s tropical storm […]

August 24

A message of Solidarity: you can make the difference!

Goleta August 24, 2016 Dear reader, I’m writing just now after having received sad news: tonight (at 3.36 am) a strong earthquake (6.0 magnitudes) hit some zones in center of Italy (Lazio, Umbria and Marche). There is no other way to tell you how I am feeling…. Even if I am now far by my […]

August 14

Direct Relief 30 days’ time line!

Dear Reader, Hope you’re well! I started in Direct Relief over 3 weeks ago, and I am taking my personal blogging time; just now that I am fully settled into my PULSE volunteering experience! Goleta, h.01.50 am: Here it’s a hot summer night and I’m reflecting, sitting on my bed, and my mind is coming […]

July 02

Direct Relief Mission 2016: a luggage full of dreams and hopes!

Hello everyone! Now it’s official: it’s missing less than a week (only five days)…and finally I’m going to live the experience that I have ever dreamed in my life!  I am getting to start my PULSE adventure in Direct Relief and my mind is full of expectations! I’m so excited since for the next six […]