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June 26

Greetings from my first (and definitely not last) Food Trust Night Market!

What is Night Market?  In 2010, The Food Trust created Night Market Philadelphia to bring communities together and celebrate the joy of food. Modeled after similar markets in Asia, it was planned to be a lively gathering with delicious food, locally crafted beverages, outdoor seating and live music. So, your PULSE assignment has you attending […]

June 11

Food Trust: Out in the field, literally!

I spent my first day out in the fields last Thursday.  Literally!  The first stop was the Center for Environmental Transformation in Camden, NJ, which helps provide fresh produce for neighborhood children and adults, much of which is grown in nearby vacant lots ( ).  Their retreat house served as a place to host a […]

June 05

My first day in the new office for my PULSE volunteer assignment

  Yesterday I walked into work at an office that wasn’t a GSK building for the first time, well, pretty much ever.  I’ve been with GSK or one of our legacy companies for the past 27 years. My new colleagues at The Food Trust here in Philadelphia – my office through the end of the […]

May 22

So, I’m new at the blogging thing….

And I posted the entire article in the title section the first time I tried this.  So, here’s my second attempt….. I am still riding the energy from our PULSE Training at GSK House last week with about 50+ other GSK employees who make up the 10th PULSE class. I also got to meet my […]