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November 02

Problem solving tools put to the test by small non-profit EDCI

During my first few weeks at EDCI as a GSK Pulse Volunteer I did a lot of observing. Coming from highly structured GSK to a small, casual non-profit offered many lessons. However, I quickly saw the opportunity to introduce them to some basic organizational effectiveness tools and concepts that they could put to use right away. […]

August 24

Small Non-Profit Experiences Transformation and Sponsors End-of-Summer Fun

By Levia Rodriguez Shepherd In a big global company, sometimes the word “transformation” gets a bad rap; employees may start to get nervous about reorganizations and culture changes that usually come under that umbrella term. However, transformation usually brings with it enhanced ways of working, gains in efficiencies, and cost savings. And it does not […]

July 17

What do oranges, markers and bicycles have in common?

Perhaps you are thinking they are all “round” which is somewhat true. However, it’s what the many kids and their families experienced at yesterday’s Summer Lunch Program sponsored by EDCI (East Durham Children’s Initiative, Summer Lunch is a 9-week program based on a collaborative effort by EDCI, Maureen Joy Charter School (where the program is based), Inter-Faith […]

July 07

T-6….Preparing to begin my Pulse Assignment in Less than 1 Week

In less than one week I will be commuting to a different office and meeting new co-workers to begin my journey as a GSK Pulse Volunteer with the East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI). I am filled with so many emotions – from excitement to pride to “newbie” jitters. I am sad to leave the comfort […]