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September 17

Community Health Coalition – busy September!

The month of August was a bit of a hiatus for Community Health Coalition.  That worked out well for me as I continued to learn about the organization and meet key partners.  I have met so many interesting and inspiring people.  I am generally a positive person, but meeting so many passionate folks working to […]

July 15

Learning Lots at Community Health Coaltion

I am learning so much and meeting so many folks who are working to make Durham a better place.  I’ve been reading a lot and doing research on Durham county health issues.  Because of the efforts of organizations like CHC and the Partnership for a Healthy Durham, the situation has been improving in many areas. […]

July 09

Working at Community Health Coalition now

PULSE Training at RTP

We had a great PULSE class at RTP.  There were 13 of us:  7 with local PULSE assignments and 6 with international assignments (2 in Ghana; 2 in Romania; and 1 in Nigeria).  We learned about the evolution of NGOs and about NGO interfaces (donors and implementers) and learned from past PULSE volunteers and from […]

Getting Ready for PULSE assignment at Community Health Coalition (CHC)

Hi, I am Kim Rivers and I just signed up for the blog.  I am really excited about my assignment and will be visiting CHC tomorrow afternoon for the first time.  Stay tuned!